Three founding members, with complementary skills, differing points of view and a healthy blend of vision and re-vision, work together to make the Zinnia magic happen. This week, we’re pleased to introduce Ben Lueders.

1. He’ll Catch Your Eye

Love the fresh, bright look of the Zinnia website? Thrilled by it’s simple, approachable design? You can thank Ben for that. He keeps a sharp eye on all things visual at Zinnia, considering the color and “voice” of the site. Since joining forces with Nathan and Andy a year ago, he’s taken the Zinnia brand through a series of revisions, bringing customers the crisp, user-friendly shopping experience they know and love.

2. He’s a Renaissance Man

In addition to his work at Zinnia, Ben is the lead designer and art director for Fruitful Design. His award-winning work and team of crack designers have made Fruitful widely known in Omaha and beyond. He also plays guitar, keyboard, and sings with his band The Cavalier.

Ben and his wife and business partner Meg are parents to two bright-eyed and dapper boys, Jonah and Isaiah. When personalities were being distributed, Jonah got some extra. Everyone who’s met him will tell you.

3. He Pulls It Together

Ben’s work at Zinnia is informed by the experience he’s gained as the owner of Fruitful. His expertise in marketing strategy and visual branding helps us connect with our customers. One of his most valuable skills is his ability to think about things as both an insider and an outsider, looking for ways to make your shopping experience as inviting and fun as possible. We love all the goodness that Ben brings to the Zinnia team.