We all love sending flowers, but did you know that the colors of the flowers you choose to send can have different meanings? For special occasions such as Valentine’s Day it’s easy to go with a classic choice, such as red roses, but with a little bit of research, you can choose flowers that truly convey your feelings for someone.

The different meanings of flower colors date back to Victorian times and even though many of these meanings have evolved, we still strongly associate certain colors with certain feelings.

So if you want your flowers to say something special, here’s what the different colors of flowers mean and what you’re saying when you give them!


The color white is universal for peace, innocence, and purity. Traditionally, white flowers are often sent to clients or partners to symbolize a desire for collaboration. White flowers are also a common theme in wedding arrangements to symbolize peace and purity.


Red is the symbol of love, sincerity, and passion in almost every part of the world. The most popular red flower choice is red roses. The color red is passionate, high-energy, and this is mainly the reason it is associated with romance on Valentine’s Day.



The color pink can have various meanings. More often than not, pink is the color of joy and youthfulness. Pink colored flowers can be a nice way to say “I admire you” or “I appreciate you.”

Pink can also represent young and innocent love before a relationship has deeply developed. Pink flowers are a great choice for expressing appreciation for someone and everything they do for you.

Lavender or Purple

Lavender or purple colored flowers symbolize falling in love. Purple is the color of magic and therefore, it’s no surprise that lavender flowers can represent your enchantment with someone. When you give purple flowers, it can symbolize that your affection for that person is real.


The color orange is a symbol of desire and can show someone loving feelings and the hope to stay in that person’s life. Orange flowers mix the energy and passion of red flowers with the bright happiness of yellow flowers and are a good choice for expressing your desire to deepen a relationship. Orange flowers are also a nice way to tell someone they’re worthy, and you hope to connect with them on a deeper level.


The color blue can convey calmness, serenity, and openness. Blue colored flowers are rare, and they can symbolize mystery or achieving something impossible. Blue flowers are also a nice way to tell someone to relax and lower their stress.

Read more about the language of flowers and keep these color meanings in mind and you can match your feelings to the flowers you’re giving!

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