The holidays are here which means get-togethers, dinner parties, and long weekends with family are in also in full swing. Finding a way to show your gratitude to the host or hostess at your gatherings is a nice tradition and one that never goes out of style. Giving a gift that says “thank you for hosting” doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of cash. Instead, you can choose a thoughtful gift that shows your appreciation for their hospitality without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas to help you pick out the perfect host or hostess gift for your holiday gatherings.

Make it Personal  

Any gift that you can add a personal touch to makes it that much more meaningful. Depending on your level of friendship with the host or hostess, you could gift a favorite candy, drink or dessert. Whether it’s chocolate or a bag of coffee from his or her favorite coffee shop, a personal favorite is always a win.

Another great gift idea is one that is meant to inspire. Think about what inspires your host or hostess - whether it’s art, fashion, movies, sports, etc. Coffee table books featuring his or her hobbies and interests can be a fun, thoughtful gift idea.

You can also choose a gift that recalls a time you spent together, such as a picture frame with a photo of both of you together.  A gift certificate to your favorite place to meet up, such as a movie theater or cafe, is another personalized gift that keeps on giving. Research indicates that experiences make us happier than things do. Keep this in mind and think about how you can gift an experience that your host or hostess can enjoy all year.

Make it Easy

The best host or hostess gifts are the ones that can be enjoyed in the moment. You don’t want to hand your host or hostess a food-related gift or dish that they will need to prepare right away, or fresh flowers that will immediately need a vase. Instead, opt for Zinnia flowers that come with individualized water tubes mixed with flower food on every stem so your host or hostess won’t have to stop what they are doing and fuss with finding a vase. Zinnia flowers can be enjoyed right away and are the perfect gift to say thanks.

What are your favorite host or hostess gift ideas? Share with us in the comments!