Snow and cold giving you the winter blues? Remember, spring is just around the corner, and that means beautiful wildflowers will soon be too. As temperatures warm, wildflowers begin to pop up across Nebraska and catching them in bloom can make for an unforgettable experience.

From stunning Coneflowers to Blackeyed Susans, there is a great assortment of wildflowers native to Nebraska that we often overlook. However, if you take the time for a hike in the park or a drive along the back roads this spring, you’ll be able to spot some beautiful wild blooms across the entire state. Here’s a list of some of our favorite Nebraska wildflowers.

1. Blackeyed Susans

Blackeyed Susans can be identified by an abundance of bristly hairs on their stems and their beautiful flowers in shades of yellow, orange, rust, and mahogany.  This fun mix of colors makes this wildflower very attractive to many gardeners as well.

2. Beardtongue

This native wildflower is known for its stunning display of brilliant white flowers against a backdrop of deep red foliage. This is also probably why it bears the name “Husker Red” Penstemon.

3. Desert Globemallow

The Desert Globemallow, or Apricot Mallow, is a favorite flower to see when surrounded by you guessed it: desert like terrain. You can spot its coral red or orange flower blooms throughout the summer months.

4. Leadplant

The Leadplant’s silvery green color immediately catches the eye. Spot this wildflower in June or July, and you’ll also see deep purple-blue flower spikes with bright orange anthers completely covering the plant.

5. Coneflower

Coneflowers thrive in Nebraska’s hot, humid summers and bloom throughout the summer months. Traditional colors include pink-purple and white, but red, orange, yellow, and other bright hues are also common.

6. Golden Tickseed

Often considered a weed, this wildflower tends to populate along roadsides and abandoned fields. But with showy yellow flowers and red centers, its daisy-like flowers are a beauty to see.

7. Purple Poppy Mallow

Also known in Nebraska as the “Cowboy’s Rose” the poppy mallow is the perfect meadow flower that displays bright magenta pink flowers all summer long.

8. Prairie Phlox

Round clusters of deep pink to magenta flowers make this wildflower a must-see from May to July. And believe it or not, Native Americans even treasured the prairie phlox as a tea for pregnant mothers to ensure the birth of a female baby.

9. Prairie Larkspur

The white to pale blue prairie Larkspur can be found fully bloomed in June. Though Larkspur flowers are a lovely native plant to see, watch out! This and other species of Larkspur can be toxic to cattle and other mammals if consumed in large quantities.

10. Spiderwort

Last on our list is the Spiderwort and despite its strange name, this wildflower is known for producing perfect jewel-toned flowers that provide a serious “wow” factor when bunched together. The cheerful Spiderwort flowers are also a magnet for butterflies in the summer.


Wildflower season will soon be underway, do you have any others you’d add to the list? Where are your favorite places in Nebraska to spot wild blooms? Share with us in the comments!


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