Spring has officially arrived and soon it will start to feel like it, we promise!

Warm breezes, wildflowers, and longer days are truly upon us and definitely worth celebrating. Here are ten ways to kiss the cold wintery weather good-bye and welcome Spring!

1. Spring clean.

Spring is the best time of the year for a fresh start and that includes your living space. Spend one weekend morning opening all the windows, dusting off the cobwebs and decluttering your space. It’s an essential end-of-winter ritual.

2. Get some sun.

Even just 10-15 minutes of direct sunlight every day can greatly boost your mood.

3. Start a garden.

There’s no time like the Spring to start your own garden. Even if you lack the space, there are many ways to grow your own herbs and small vegetables in even the tiniest of spaces.

4. Reconnect.

Spring is the perfect time to reconnect with those you lost touch with during your winter hibernation.

5. Freshen up with new scents.

It’s time to pack away those cinnamon and pumpkin-scented candles and switch them out for lighter, fresher aromas. For us, Spring is all about the floral scents - especially lavender.

6. Go seasonal.

Channel your inner Martha Stewart and whip up a dish using only fresh fruits or vegetables that are in season.

7. Get creative.

Spring is the best time to start fresh and get creative. Try learning a new skill - whether it’s painting, drawing, or photography, there are lots of ways to be inspired by the beauty of the new season.

8. Enjoy the days with man’s best friend.

We’re not the only ones who get excited upon the arrival of Spring. It can be a blast watching how happy dogs are now that they aren’t freezing their paws off. Take your pup on stroll to visit of the many Dog-Friendly businesses in Omaha - it’s a great way for the both of you to exercise!

9. Unplug.

During the winter months it can be easy to slip into a routine of binge-watching Netflix. But now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to unplug, for even just a few hours, and go on a walk in the park or plan a weekend getaway.

Still too chilly for outdoor activities? Even switching out your TV time for podcasts or music can be a pleasant way to change up your routine and welcome the new season.

10. Bring in the blooms.

The bright colors and cheerful presence of fresh flowers can be an instant mood enhancer and the perfect way to welcome Spring into your home.

How are you celebrating the arrival of Spring? Share with us in the comments!