Parents’ Day falls on the fourth Sunday of every July and it is the perfect time to celebrate all of the hard work our parents do for us. To honor the some of the most important people in our lives, we came up with a list of some of the amazing things parents do, and what makes our parents the greatest!

1. Because they can be harsh, but fair.

2. Because they taught us about money.

3. Because they taught us to be tough.

4. Because they always made our birthdays extra special.

5. Because they’re thoughtful.

6. Because they try so hard to keep up with technology.

7. Because they make terrible jokes.

8. Because they do weird things.

9. Because they always scream our first *and* middle name.

10. Because they let us invade their bed when we had nightmares.

11. Because they gave us memorable traditions.

12. Because they love us!


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