For many local florists it can be challenging to get exposure and grow a sustainable business without partnering with third-party wire services such as 1-800-Flowers or Teleflora. While these services can provide a steady stream of orders, the increasing fees to partner with these companies can greatly impact the ability for smaller florists to make a profit. Additionally, system glitches and fast shipping promises have led to customer service nightmares during the busiest holiday flower seasons such as Valentine’s Day.

At Zinnia, we decided to come up with a better solution. We help local florists boost their businesses and exposure with local customers by eliminating many of these pain points florists face when partnering with third-party services. We’ve created a more efficient solution that allows local florists to keep a larger portion of their sales profits as well as provides them with new opportunities to market themselves more effectively to local customers.

Here are just a few of the ways Zinnia helps local florists blossom.

Connect with More Local Customers

Big companies like 1-800-Flowers rely heavily on small florists to fulfill local orders. However, these companies also require the local florists to pay out large commissions. Zinnia helps florists by giving them a way to reach the growing population that is purchasing fresh flowers more frequently with a more affordable and beneficial partnership.

We offer florists a partnership that is equitable, profitable, and most importantly, a partnership that is built on a more efficient model to connect them with local customers without any additional middlemen and hefty operational and processing fees.

Boost Local Sales

Another advantage Zinnia’s florist partners have is the access to an additional channel to generate local sales. Our beautifully-designed web platform with a curated selection of bouquets does not overwhelm customers with too many options and add-ons. Instead, we make it super easy for anyone to order and to send a one-of-a-kind bouquet with just a few clicks. We have a rapidly growing fan base that, thanks to our price points and easy ordering process, purchases flowers more frequently for their friends and family. Zinnia fans also love to spread the word about their experiences on social media.

We work with an incredible local floral designer who creates unique bouquets that are tapped into the latest floral and home decor trends as well. Every Zinnia bouquet is designed with an organic and more natural aesthetic and wrapped in simple, stunning burlap. Our customers love it!

Promotional Opportunities

Not only is partnering with Zinnia a great way for florists to boost local sales but it is also an excellent way for florists to get involved with promotional opportunities in their local community. We help shine the spotlight on the creators behind our awesome arrangements and we love sharing updates on our florist partners.

Zinnia is expanding quickly across the Midwest. If you’re interested in partnering with us to grow your local sales and spread the word about your business, we would love to hear from you! Email and let’s chat. :)