Today is National Good Neighbor Day! If you live in Omaha, then you know there are some “typical” neighbors you’ll find on just about every block in the city. Whether it’s the overly passionate Husker Fan or the Neighborhood Watch, here are the five types of neighbors that inevitably exist in your neighborhood in Omaha.

1. The Landscaper

This is the person that has the most beautifully-landscaped yard in the whole neighborhood. It’s also the person with the perfect garden that somehow never receives a visit from pesky weeds or animals. You know the type - sprinkler systems, perfectly manicured grass, riding lawn mower. This person mows the lawn seven days a week for ten hours and somehow manages to maintain an exquisite flower bed in the dead of winter. Don’t even try to keep your lawn or garden looking as good, he or she will always be one step ahead of you.

2. The Neighbor Watch

This is the person in the neighborhood that always knows what’s going on. You’ll find this neighbor constantly peeking out of the window or sitting on the porch content to keep an eye on everyone who passes by. This neighbor typically keeps to his or herself, but not in a rude way. This is the one neighbor we should all be thankful to have!

3. The ‘Backyard’ Guy

This is the neighbor that takes full advantage of every square inch of his property. Full-blown BBQs are a regular occurrence and when he’s not BBQing, he’s up at sunrise blowing leaves, snowblowing, or hammering something.

4. The Passionate Husker Fan

Husker Fans are crazy passionate, but this is the neighbor that takes things to the next level. When the games come on, the lawn decorations come out. You wouldn’t put it passed them to spray paint a giant red “N” on their front lawn, or have an 8-foot Herbie Husker proudly inflated on their lawn on game day. This is also the neighbor that you can hear screaming at their television from three blocks away.

5. The Billionaire

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett famously still lives in the Omaha home he bought in 1958 for $31,500. Warren Buffett lives in a large but modest house in a quiet Omaha neighborhood, which just goes to show that success has nothing to do with the house you or your neighbors live in!

Regardless of their quirks, neighbors are great friends to have. They are always there when you need to borrow a snow shovel and they make great babysitters or pet sitters when you’re away. Getting to know those who live around is one of the best ways to get involved with community events and make new friends. So the next time you see moving trucks in your neighborhood, make an effort to drop by and say hello. Zinnia flowers also make a great housewarming gift to welcome new neighbors to the area. 😉

Do you have any of these neighbors? Who would you add to the list? Share with us in the comments!