We love our customers. Really, we do. Our goal is to make sure you absolutely love sending and receiving Zinnia flowers and over the past year we’ve received some amazing feedback. We love hearing all of the reasons why you use Zinnia and now we are excited to shine the spotlight on some of our awesome customers and share their Zinnia stories.

For our first customer interview, we sat down with Katy Wilson who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Read why she loves using ZInnia to send flowers for every occasion!

1. What is your name?

Katy beast mode Wilson (just kidding about the beast mode).

2. What do you do?

I work in the intermodal rail department at Werner Enterprises.

3. How did you first hear about Zinnia?

From my sister and friends from high school - when I received my first bouquet from my sister I had to know where the amazing flowers came from!

4. What’s your favorite part of buying flowers with Zinnia?

I love that the ordering process is simple. There is just enough variety and the website is easy to use and not cluttered at all. There are no ads and it is very user-friendly!

5. What do you think makes Zinnia different than the other flower delivery services?

There is no delivery fee!! That is huge to me because it is such a cost savings. Also, the packaging of the flowers is amazing. The burlap wrapping is beautiful and the water tubes attached to each stem keep the flowers fresh for as long as you need! I love supporting a local business as well.

6. Did you order Zinnia flowers as a gift or for yourself?

I have only bought the flowers as a gift, but I would definitely buy them for myself. I have sent flowers for birthdays, as a thank you, and also for condolences. These flowers are perfect for pretty much everything!

7. How often do you currently buy flowers?

I usually buy flowers at least once per month. They are so affordable and personable. Who doesn't love receiving flowers?!

8. Now that you've tried Zinnia, would you consider buying flowers more often?

Definitely. Buying from Zinnia is so easy and they always communicate once the flowers deliver too! I love their flowers and I will never buy from another delivery service again. Great job, guys!


Are you a loyal Zinnia customer? Shoot us an email (info@zinniamarketplace.com) if you would like to be featured on our blog! We’d love to hear your feedback and share your story 😊