Most of us have an innate desire to be good at what we do.  Nobody likes to fail on a regular basis, and so we do 1 of 2 things: we pursue things we are good at or we get better at the things that don’t come naturally (or we quit).

Think about your work. Chances are that you pursued it because something came naturally to you.  Chances are good, too, that there have been a number of areas of your job that you had to work at. That is,  they didn’t come naturally. A sign of a good worker is someone that brings a natural ability along with a good work ethic.  


I’d encourage you to take that same mindset into your marriage.   Certainly, there are  a lot of areas that come easy to you two. This is why you are together. But, there are a lot of areas that take intentional work (or they will once the honeymoon is over). A sign of a good relationship is a combination of natural chemistry, and a commitment to work.  

Find anyone you respect that is an expert in their field. This expertise is a combination of natural ability and years of intentionality.   Find any couple that has been together for a while.  You’ll find the same thing: natural ability and years of intentionality.

While we're talking about work, you might consider getting a second job to improve your marriage.