Whether it's putting in extra hours or taking on more responsibilities, we've all tried different methods to work harder and be more productive. But could there be a simpler solution?

We all know flowers and plants can improve our mood and make us feel happier, but they also have the incredible power of helping us boost work productivity and creativity.

Benefits of flowers in the workplace

So what scientific proof do we have behind flowers' productivity-boosting effects? For one, the presence of flowers and plants in the workplace can make us feel more comfortable. As humans we have a natural longing to be surrounded by nature and bringing bright, colorful flowers into an office can help boost our mood and make us feel more energetic.

A research study at Texas A&M University confirmed that flowers and plants can improve productivity, creativity and problem-solving in the workplace. Exposure to flowers reduces anxiety and negative feelings and can even provide an energy boost. Furthermore, the presence of flowers and plants in the workplace can be beneficial to both men and women.

The study revealed both men and women experienced an increase in innovative thinking, creativity, and problem-solving with the presence of flowers or plants in their workplace. While men generated a greater abundance of ideas (30% more ideas when working in environments with flowers and plants than ones without) women exposed to flowers and plants in the workplace generated more creative, flexible solutions to problems.

The perfect pick-me-up

Recent research conducted by researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital also confirmed that flowers might be the perfect pick-me-up for millions of Americans who do not consider themselves "morning people." Those who feel least positive in the early hours reported being happier and more energetic after looking at flowers first thing in the morning.

"The morning blahs, it turns out, is a real phenomenon, with positive moods -- happiness, friendliness, and warmth, for example -- manifesting much later in the day," says Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D. "Interestingly, when we placed a small bouquet of flowers into their morning routine, people perked up."

Whether you work in a traditional office setting or from home, there are many ways to incorporate flowers into your daily life to help boost your productivity and creativity. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Place fresh flowers in the areas where you spend the most time. This could be on your desk, in the kitchen, or in your home office.

  • Surround yourself with relaxing scents. There are various flowers that promote relaxation, help you reduce anxiety, and be more productive. Lavender, roses, and lilacs are perfect for calming nervous tensions.

  • Take breaks to water the plants. Research suggests taking a break to water the plants at work can amplify the positive benefits of looking at them and enhance your well-being.

Flowers are a simple and sweet way to keep everyone in a good mood, and we believe that there is nothing better than a workplace full of happy people! 

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