A great start-up calls for a great team. At Zinnia, we have such a team. Three founding members, with complementary skills, differing points of view and a healthy blend of vision and re-vision, work together to make the magic happen. This week, may we introduce one of our three founders, Andy Holz.

1. He’s Tom Hanks.

When asked to compare his function at Zinnia with a member of the Beatles (yes, we know there were four Beatles and only three Zinnia dudes), Andy goes completely off-book and says, “I’m Tom Hanks in ‘That Thing You Do!’” In other words, Andy manages. He’s the jack-of-all trades who works with local florists, develops new products, and handles the many practical details involved with running Zinnia day-to-day. He structures the dream, so to speak.

2. He Thinks About “The Extra Thing.”

Andy’s all about the details that take a product from good to excellent. He knows the bouquet needs to warm up a little before it’s delivered so that the flowers have time to fully open. He keeps the arrangements in peak condition by adding a bit of flower food to the water tube on each stem. “I think about the extra thing,” he says. “How to really make our customers happy with their experience.” One of Andy’s current projects is developing a thoughtfully curated gift box for men, soon to be added to the Zinnia lineup.

3. He Delivers.

If you’ve ordered from Zinnia, the odds are excellent that Andy delivered your flowers. A whiz with Google maps, he stops at nothing to be sure that your arrangement arrives at its destination in a timely manner. He also moonlights as a commodities trader and is a devoted family man. Andy and his gorgeous wife, Katie, having just added a new little member to the family, their son Tate. So if you see him around town spreading love and light in the form of flowers, give him a high five. We’re lucky to have an all-around good guy like Andy on our team, just doing the work he loves.