There’s something so satisfying about the right detail in the right place. It’s the perfect bit of herb and lemon on roast chicken. It’s the funniest-possible inflection in the delivery of a good joke. It’s Carson the butler, adjusting the exact position of the pudding fork with his measuring stick.

At Zinnia, we love a good detail. In addition to our flowers, which are always fresh and perfectly arranged, we take pride in the details of their presentation. What’s going on around the flowers, so to speak.

Remember the last time you bought flowers from a grocery store? You probably grabbed a bunch of flowers out of a bucket of water and dropped them in a cellophane sleeve, while trying to scrape the prominently-placed price tag off before you gave them away. There’s an excellent chance you also got splashed by the watery end of the stems. And even though the flowers were drippy right then, you worried that they might wilt later, in case it took a while to get them into a vase. Mr. Carson would not approve.

When Zinnia delivers your flowers, you know the details will be right. Unwrap the burlap cloth from around the flowers and you’ll notice that each stem comes with it’s own water source. We use tiny, water-tight tubes that provide the flowers with a nice drink while they wait to land in a vase. We love the water tubes because, unlike the buckets of water at the grocery store, they’ll never drip on you and the flowers won’t dry out. We even add plant food to the water, to extend the life of your blooms.

And that, gentle reader, is just one way Zinnia works hard to provide you with the particular thrill of sending a flower arrangement that’s completely thoughtful and perfect, down to the very last detail.