Everybody knows that red roses symbolize love and yellow roses express friendship, but did you know that the Victorians assigned special meanings to all kinds of flowers? They even wrote elaborate dictionaries completely dedicated to cataloging the meanings of different blooms. Hydrangeas, for example, meant, “thank you for understanding.” Cala lilies symbolized beauty, and ivy expressed fidelity, friendship and affection.

You don’t really need a dictionary anymore to understand the meaning of a beautiful flower arrangement. It’s an easy one to translate: someone is trying to charm you. Someone thinks you’re lovely. Someone hopes you have a happy birthday! Someone is sorry that you’re sick and wants you to get well soon. Someone wants to thank you for the wonderful time. Maybe someone is doing their best to get back into your very good graces.

It’s almost impossible to resist the appeal of a gorgeous bunch of blossoms (in fact I want to order myself one right now). The Victorians said that magenta zinnias symbolize lasting affection, scarlet zinnias express constancy and yellow ones means daily remembrance. On GoZinnia.com, all those sentiments - and more - are ready to be dispatched to the object of your affection at a moment’s notice. We would love to help you express your message of adoration, encouragement and joy, no dictionary - and no hassle - required