Friendsgiving is not your mom’s Thanksgiving. It is a special day to eat, drink, and celebrate all of the memories you’ve shared with close friends. Typically, Friendsgiving is celebrated in addition to Thanksgiving. And whether you get together a few days before or the week after the official holiday, it’s the perfect time to show your friends just how thankful you are to have them in your life. As Friendsgiving becomes increasingly popular, there are many ways to celebrate beyond the traditional turkey dinner. Here are a few ideas to plan your own Friendsgiving this year!

Make a pie bar

Pie is probably the best part of any Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebration. Invite each of your guests to bring a favorite and line them up to create a pie bar for everyone to enjoy. You could also give each pie a number and everyone can vote for their favorite.

BYOBG (Bring your own board game)

This one is for all of the hardcore gamers out there. Invite each of your friends to bring a game of their choice and incite some friendly competition.

Enjoy dinner elsewhere

Friendsgiving is a great opportunity for a meal anywhere but where Thanksgiving dinner typically takes place. Pack up a picnic and hit the park or organize a weekend trip to a cozy cabin in the woods instead.

Go potluck-style

It’s incredibly stressful to cook a dinner for more than four people. Instead, ask everyone to bring a dish, potluck-style.

Get a piñata

Pinatas make any party better -- and that includes Friendsgiving. Hang one up so you and your friends can each take a swing. It will not only relieve some holiday stress but it will also shake off some of that turkey.

Go old school

Ask each guest to bring a dish that’s been in his or her family for as long as they can remember. This can be a fun way to experience different family traditions.

Watch the best Thanksgiving episodes

If the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade just doesn’t do it for you (or there’s no football on TV), track down some of the classic Thanksgiving episodes from shows like Friends, Gilmore Girls, or How I Met Your Mother, and watch them together on Friendsgiving. Here is a great list to get you started.

Have brunch instead

November can be a busy month, so why not host a Friendsgiving brunch instead of a dinner? It’s much more casual and easier to fit into everyone’s schedules. If you decide to have brunch at home, you can invite guests to bring their favorite breakfast treat.

Do you celebrate Friendsgiving? If so, let us know how in the comments