We all know that when we turn our clocks back in the fall, the temperature in Omaha also seems to take a nosedive into Arctic conditions. Yet despite freezing temperatures, winter casts a magical glow over the city — especially during the holiday season. Here are just a few true signs that winter and the holiday season are officially in full swing in Omaha!

1. The outdoor ice skating rinks are booming.

2. Downtown Omaha and the Old Market area are filled with beautiful lights.

3. The actual temperature in Omaha doesn’t mean anything -- it’s all about the “feels like” number.

4. Even your pets refuse to go outside.

5. The year-round Christmas shop, Tannenbaum, is particularly busy in November and December.

6. The school yards are covered with kids sledding. For some reason, the schools always have the best sledding hills in Omaha.

7. A Christmas Carol is playing at the Omaha Community Playhouse.

8. Every other Christmas light display in your neighborhood is Cornhusker-themed.

9. There are serious family discussions about whether or not it will be a white Christmas.

"Will it be a white Christmas this year?"
"Well, let me pull out my farmer's almanac..."

10. Everyone is barbecue-ing on their back porch, even in two feet of snow.

11. Your entire Facebook and Instagram feeds are just photos of people’s car thermometers.

12. The Durham Museum comes to life with some of the city’s best Christmas festivities.

13. No matter how many winters we’ve been through, no one ever quite knows what to expect.

14. The Holiday Market in Aksarben Village marks the beginning of the market and craft fair season.

15. Negative 9 degrees? No problem. The heavy winter coats only come out when it drops into double negative digits in Nebraska.

What’s your favorite thing about winter in Omaha? Share with us in the comments!

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