The holiday season is here and anyone can go to the grocery store and pick out a box of candy to give as a gift. But what about a gift that is a bit more meaningful? What about a gift that everyone can enjoy, or that has the power to make someone feel happier?

There is a way to show you put some thought into your gift this holiday season — and that’s with flowers. With Zinnia, sending a holiday bouquet of flowers is easy, fun, and affordable. Here are 5 reasons why flowers make the best holiday gift.

1. They brighten up the home

With rain, sleet, and snow outside there’s nothing like the bright colors and smells of fresh flowers to remind you of warmer days. Flowers have the incredible power of improving our mood and making us feel happier. In fact, there’s scientific proof that fresh flowers also help boost our productivity and creativity.

2. They last longer than holiday baked goods or candy

Unless you’re gifting sweets and treats to someone with unbelievable willpower and self-control, it’s much more likely that the gift of fresh flowers is going to last longer! When properly placed in a room with plenty of fresh water, fresh blooms can remain beautiful for weeks.

3. Flowers are a gift for everyone

Fresh flowers are a delightful gift not only for the recipient but also for anyone who happens to see them. And during the holidays, this could include friends, family, and the many other acquaintances that your recipient might be spending time with each day.

4. Flowers are 100% fat-free and calorie-free

During the holiday season, it’s extremely easy to gift tasty holiday treats that are only available during this special time of the year. However, fresh flowers can be a welcome surprise after weeks of sugary sweets. Chocolate may promote happiness, but flowers do too!

5. Flowers are great for all ages

Finally, it’s safe to say flowers bring instant pleasure to the receiver, no matter his or her age.

We’ve created a seasonal lineup of bouquets just in time for the gift-giving season. Head over to and give the gift of fresh blooms this year. All arrangements start at only $35 and include free same or next day delivery straight to your recipient's doorstep!