What’s old is new again — and that includes some trends you thought were left in the past. The 80s are definitely back in fashion, home decor, and weddings and floral trends that were popular then are also making a comeback. Especially for weddings, many people today are looking for the same trends that were popular 35 years ago. Let’s take a look at some of these 80s floral-inspired trends making a comeback!

1. Baby's breath

Brides are using the inexpensive bloom to make lovely bouquets and to spruce up decor.

2. Cascading bouquets

These big bouquets with long trailing ribbons are also making a comeback.

3. Floral furniture

When everyone had enough of the decade’s early minimalism, along came the floral pattern craze which emerged in the late 80s / early 90s. Flowery patterns adorned couches, rugs, and all types of furniture and while these floral patterns are definitely making a comeback, it’s safe to say the clashing patterns will stay in the past.

4. Floral crowns

Floral crowns are also making a comeback, especially for garden or “vintage”-themed weddings (and Snapchat filters).

5. Floral wallpaper

The “English” look of all-over floral patterns gets a bad rap thanks to the 80s, but the floral wallpaper trend is back in a bold, fresh, and much more elegant way.

6. Fake flowers

Fresh flowers require more effort. However, fake flowers became a trend for a reason. They add a pop of color to your home and don’t require water. Thankfully, the tacky plastic stems of the past have been upgraded. The variety of faux flowers now available is exceptional, and especially for events or weddings, these flowers are an affordable, hassle-free option.

Did you take part in any of these trends at your wedding or in your home? Share with us in comments!