The art of gifting flowers extends back to hundreds of years ago. Flowers were given as a way to communicate and tell stories and many believed that flowers had a special meaning. The Victorian culture is known for giving significance to the different types of flowers and turning flowers into a way to express emotion. Flowers were given as gifts and sent as a message, eliminating the need for words.  

During the Victorian era the language of flowers was just as an important as being well-dressed. The scent of a particular flower could send a unique message and flowers adorned everything clothing, hair, jewelry, home decor, china, stationery, and more. Bouquets of flowers also gained popularity and were well-liked as gifts. Sending small bouquets of flowers wrapped in lace and tied with satin with a secret message became a popular pastime.


Flowers can convey different messages depending on which ones are given, how they are given, how they are held, and even how they are grouped together. For example, flowers presented in an upright position represent positive thoughts, whereas the opposite direction can have a negative meaning. A person can also say “yes” by offering flowers with the right hand, or “no” with the left hand. This language of flowers is called Floriography.

There is no color, no flower... that has not a verse belonging to it; and you may quarrel, reproach, or send Letters of passion, friendship, or Civility, or even of news, without ever inking your fingers.
— Lady Mary Wortley, writer and wife of British ambassador to Constantinople, 1718


So you may be wondering which flowers to send to say “I admire you”, “I’m sorry”, or “Congratulations”. The list of flowers in the world may be infinite, but here are some of the most popular flowers and their meanings so you can choose the best flowers to send for any occasion.


  1. Angelica — inspiration

  2. Bells of Ireland — luck

  3. Candytuft — indifference

  4. Chrysanthemum — cheer

  5. Columbine — anxious

  6. Cyclamen — resignation

  7. Cornflower — delicate

  8. Daisy — innocence

  9. Fern — sincerity

  10. Forget-me-not — memory

  11. Heather — admiration

  12. Honesty — honesty

  13. Hops — injustice

  14. Hydrangea — heartless

  15. Iris — message

  16. Lily — purity

  17. Marigold — grief

  18. Myrtle — fidelity

  19. Nigeria — perplexity

  20. Nightshade — secrets

  21. Ophrys — disgust

  22. Pansy — thoughtful

  23. Peony — Bashful

  24. Petunia — anger

  25. Poppy — success

  26. Rhododendron — danger

  27. Red rose — true love

  28. Snowdrop — consolation

  29. Tulip — declaration of love

  30. Violet — modesty


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