It’s time to throw out the artificial air fresheners and sprays. There are much more natural ways to keep your home smelling fresh and clean – and one of the best ways is with flowers! There’s nothing that compares with the aromas of fresh flowers. Spring flowers will soon be in bloom so check out our list of the most fragrant flowers for your home.


Roses are a classic flower with a wonderful scent. Typically, the darker color the rose, the stronger its scent will be. Depending on the type of rose, the flowers can also have a range of different scents. These generally include:

Tea rose — A strong scent like that of fresh tea.

Old rose — The classic scent found almost exclusively in pink and red roses.

Musk — A romantic scent that comes from the flower’s stamens.

Myrrh — An aromatic, anise-like scent found in English roses.

Fruity — Fruity notes are often present because the rose is related to apples, apricots, and other fruits.

Zinnia bouquets with roses: The Ella & The Kara


The scent of peonies often fall into two categories. Some have a very strong floral scent, while others are said to smell like ginger or spices from a kitchen cabinet.


Gardenia flowers give off an intoxicating smell that is pleasing to most people. Their scent is often compared to orange-blossom honey. If you have a room that especially needs a freshening up — fill it with gardenia!


Not all lilies have a scent, but those that do boast a fragrance that is beyond comparison. Orchid lilies and stargazer lilies have an amazing tropical scent.

Zinnia bouquets with lilies: The Julie


The fragrance of freesia can be compared to that of strawberries or other fresh fruit. It’s a strong scented flower that also has undertones of honey or mint.

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