International Women’s Day is a worldwide celebration of women’s achievements – from political to social – and call for gender equality. It is recognized each year on March 8th and marked with many marches, conferences, events, and celebrations. So how can you support women at home, work, or school this year?

Here are a few simple way to celebrate International Women’s Day this March 8th, as well as every day of the year.

1. Tell the first woman you see in the morning how great she is!

2. Get informed. Take some time to learn about the rights of women in other countries of the world. Learn what their lives are like and what things you can do each day for inequality, poverty, and injustice.

3. Wear purple. Purple has been associated with women power since the suffragette movement. Wearing a purple ribbon shows the world that you believe in the power of women.

4. Donate to a cause you care about. Organizations like UN Women help women and girls around the world go to school, get jobs, and escape violence.

5. Follow International Women’s Day on Twitter and help spread the word about gender equality. This year’s hashtag is #BeBoldforChange.

6. Donate your time to a cause that promotes women and girls. This could be volunteering locally or fundraising for an organization that supports women and girls.

7. Attend a local International Women’s Day event.

International Women’s Day is about celebrating the achievements of all women in the past, present, and future. Be sure to let all of the women in your life know why they’re special today and every chance you get. Happy International Women’s Day!