Did you know that the most romantic town in America is located right here in Nebraska? Every year on Valentine’s Day, the city of Valentine, Nebraska, or “Heart City”, transforms with an entire community celebration dedicated to the special day. In case you’ve never heard of it, here’s a quick history of the town and a rundown of all its special Valentine’s Day festivities!


The city of Valentine was founded in 1883 and named for Nebraskan statesman and Civil War veteran E.K. Valentine. According to AmericanProfile, “The community embraced the obvious connection with the lover’s holiday prior to World War II and the first coronation of a community King and Queen of Hearts took place in 1941. The tradition, temporarily interrupted during World War II, was resurrected at Valentine Rural High School after the war as a symbol of community fellowship and unity. Today, the high school, Valentine Senior Center, Pineview Good Samaritan Center, and the local veteran’s club all crown a king and queen of hearts.”


The city of Valentine has added quite a few other love-themed events ever since. For example, there is a city-wide competition to design the official Valentine’s Day greeting card. Another tradition is the teddy bear decorating contest. Participants are invited to decorate a teddy bear with a Valentine’s Day theme. Then, all of the bears are put on display for voting. The winner is announced and all the bears are also donated to hospitalized children.

Believing the most heartfelt messages for Valentine’s Day are personalized and sent by mail, not text or tweet, incurable romantics are also known to send Valentine cards by the thousands to the Valentine, Nebraska Post Office to receive the coveted Valentine Postmark. According to the USPS, there are times when the Valentine Post Office has received up to 5,000 requests for the special postmark, with some coming from as far away as Japan.


If you want to have your valentine postmarked in Valentine, be sure to address your envelope, affix First-Class postage, and put the envelope inside a larger envelope, also with its own postage, and mail it to Valentine’s Day Postmark, Postmaster, 239 N. Hall St., Valentine NE 69201-9998. There is no charge for the postmark.


There are countless ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your special someone. In fact, we’ve put together many ideas here:

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However, there are few ways that are as healthy for a relationship as taking a trip together. So consider taking a day trip to Valentine, Nebraska this year – one of the most romantic cities in the country. And of course, don’t forget the flowers! Valentine’s Day arrangements are here and we offer free delivery in the Omaha area on Valentine’s Day. Schedule your flower delivery today!

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